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PTA Code of Conduct

Peterborough Trailbuilders Association

Member Code of Conduct

The Peterborough Trailbuilders Association has entered into agreements permitting PTA to help with the trails at Harold Town Conservation Area and in a part of the Ganaraska Forest. These agreements come with our commitment to work closely with the landowners, ORCA and GRCA respectively, to build and maintain trails only with their approval. Members of the PTA must act and be seen to act in a manner which is not contrary to these commitments and does not damage these relationships nor the trust on which they depend. As a member of the PTA you carry the responsibility of representing the PTA any time you are on the trails. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to inform all members of what is expected of them as members of PTA.

As a member of the Peterborough Trailbuilders Association, I hereby agree to adhere to the PTA Code of Conduct when using, building or maintaining trails, when interacting with the public regarding any trail matters and when acting in any official capacity on behalf of the PTA. I agree to:

  • Use trails in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Respect trails’ natural surroundings and environment.

  • Respect all other trail users.

  • Not use trails that are closed.

  • Carry a valid trail pass when using the Ganaraska Forest.

  • Not participate in or advocate any unsanctioned trail building, trail alterations or trail maintenance, including signage, anywhere. (Approval for Harold Town and for the area of the Ganaraska Forest where the PTA does work is through the PTA Board of Directors.) An exception to this is a clear and immediate threat to the safety of trail users, e.g. removal of a fallen branch in a blind corner.

  • Work on trails in a safe and responsible manner and with the appropriate approvals and supervision.

  • Operate PTA equipment in a safe and responsible manner and only as authorised by the PTA Board.

  • Not use the PTA name or trademarks in advertisements or endorsements without prior, written Board approval.

  • Not obligate the PTA to any financial responsibility without prior, written Board approval.

  • Not expose the PTA to unnecessary risk or liability.

Generally, failure of a member to comply with the code of conduct will result in the following: first time - verbal warning; second time – formal membership review by the PTA Board, with possible expulsion.  However, depending upon the severity and consequences of a breach of this code of conduct, the PTA reserves the right to take any action it deems in the best interests of PTA having regard to all of the circumstances related any breach.

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